Generous face and soft hair

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Those wigs are human wig. According to your face and your habby to custom make the wig, it’s generous and grace. In fact, the human hair’s quality is also impartant in your head, in lightday, it’s sunny, soft and full, no tangle. I think same as the sun, outgoing and relaxed.

As personal, I like fifth photo, grace body and green tree and warm weather. Big wavy is looks like natual.

Charing instead of the women all. Never people think of beauty clothers can make a whole body, but I must be remind of all women, keep your good face and soft hair. In my life, I always like my mam long hair, silky straight and natural black. No bonlde like eurpain hair.

Do you like human hair or synthetic wig? My many customers told me what they like hair, for example, one of is the customer she brought hair extension, or called weft, then, when she recieved it, she create it made a clip-in hair extension, it’s so nice.

It’s also amazing, in her wedding, she used it.

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