About my Facebook and my hair extensions

I want to become a good seller, honest, smile and positive for our customers and around the prople in my life always. Because of I think we can provided good quality when them buy our products, I always try our best to suggest what or which they are more suitable.

For example, I have a Chilean friend, she brought our hair extensions in last month. I think she is ocean go shopping onlink, she always told me: my money is safe? and how long I can receive it? or “Hi, Adela, where is my hair extensions? I can’t wait.” she is a so lovely girl.

For me, she is a customer, for her, I am a seller. But, except the relationship, we are friend.

The same as me, she is a university student, will gradute in june, and she also like China.

Hair extensions

Yesterday, she told me that received the hair extensions, and the hair extensions is amazing. I am glad to hear she siad, I am a seller, I will provided best services and recommend which one suit be for them, my lovely customers.


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