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Do you miss her blonde hair?

At first, shown a nice blonde hair.


Bella Thorne is having a blonde moment. The up-and-coming starlet arrived at the Crocs Funway Runway launch party in New York City with golden tresses in place of her distinctive red locks on Tuesday. And if you’re missing her signature look, you’re not alone: She does too.

“I’m naturally blonde, so it wasn’t like it was so big for me,” Thorne, 17, explains to PEOPLE. It was a temporary switch for her upcoming film, Shovel Buddies, and she is eager to return to her old hue.

“I’m not completely digging the blonde, to be honest,” she says. “But once I get in the sun and I get a little more of a tan, I think it’ll look better. I think I’m just going to keep it for summer … And then for winter, I’m going to go back to my red, my luscious red.”

“I’m not going to confirm anything,” she says. “We are, you know, we’re hanging out. I only hang out with him. We’re going to see how it goes over the next few months.”

Do you miss her blonde hair? let me know——

About my Facebook and my hair extensions

I want to become a good seller, honest, smile and positive for our customers and around the prople in my life always. Because of I think we can provided good quality when them buy our products, I always try our best to suggest what or which they are more suitable.

For example, I have a Chilean friend, she brought our hair extensions in last month. I think she is ocean go shopping onlink, she always told me: my money is safe? and how long I can receive it? or “Hi, Adela, where is my hair extensions? I can’t wait.” she is a so lovely girl.

For me, she is a customer, for her, I am a seller. But, except the relationship, we are friend.

The same as me, she is a university student, will gradute in june, and she also like China.

Hair extensions

Yesterday, she told me that received the hair extensions, and the hair extensions is amazing. I am glad to hear she siad, I am a seller, I will provided best services and recommend which one suit be for them, my lovely customers.


Charming hair and gengrous face

About five days, I will tell you how to choose the hair extensions and human wigs.

Hair extensions or other name hair weave. It is said that the hair is original “worker” in whole body.  But different counties have different texture, for example, in China, many women have more full, straight, longer and jet black. I can show you now.

_DSC0405_副本 _DSC0412_副本

But when I was “a little” girl, I like body wave, the same as Eourpean hair, blonde, black or natural black and natural wave, it is so nice for me.

_DSC0469_副本 _DSC0492_副本

But, also have other countries’ people like Kinky curly, show photos.

_DSC0523_副本 _DSC0529_副本

And ect.



Share good news

Today, I want to show my customer’s picture and her feelings about this wig.


She is my first customer in this month, friendly, lovely and energetic always. She told me what she want to buy a wig, blonde and a little short. I recommended that the Brazilian human wig in this shown picture.

In last days, she told me that she received the human wig. Always nice and she like it so much, still is. We are keep contact by email, every morning I can receive an email about her. She said that :”hello, Adela, did you have a sweet dream?”

Because of she is so sunny for me, I am back a good sunny answer.” Yes, it is nice. Thank you so much!” I realized that she is a girl, and more younger and more beauty.

That’s truth, she is young and beauty.

I can show her original reply:

” Hello I dont want more hair its too warm. I am 65 year old and I just want a  nice cut wig.
Susanne “
Right, she is 65 years old.
She have a young heart, that’s important for everone. I think attidute is everything. Forget unhappy, and keep go ahead!
Thank you my customer, Snsanne.