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Let me know “how to keep wigs better?”

There are five ways to keep wigs better about your lace wig:

1.Keep the hair clean.

We suggested that you wash the hair at least every other week with warm or cold water.

Wash and condition you lace wig with rich moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

We recommend use better shampoo keep your hair and normal to dry hai all the time.

When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair tangles.

Too much leave-in conditioner and other hair made your hair tangle faster.

2.Brush and detangle hair before applying shampoo.

When combing or brushing your lace wig, do not get the comb/brush too close to the fragile lace.

Because you could tear the lace by combing or brushing too harshly.

3.Before washing the hair.

spray mixture of conditioner and water and brush the hair from bottom up.

Gradually wet the hair down and brush it gently before you hair will swell up like sponge and tangle!

Therefore, it is important to gradually wet the hair and brush it.

4.After wetting the hair.

Add shampoo and conditioner and wash thoroughly.

Be sure to wash and brush the hair in one direction.

Rinse the hair completely with water and towel dry.

It is best to air dry the hair but you can also hood dry with low to medium heat.

5.When washing your Lace Wig.

Do not pile the hair together, as this creates tangles.

Instead gently shampoo the hair in one direction only, by holding the cap and hair tightly at the top to avoid any hair from slipping or shedding at the base.

Gently stoke the hair while applying the shampoo.

Follow with the conditioner in the same manner.

Gently stoke the hair while applying the shampoo.

Follow with the conditioner in the same manner.

Hope you have better lace wigs and if you like ours lace wigs.



Share big surprise and how choose right lace wigs?

Share beutiful photos

As we all know that the hairstyles of actresses in Hollywood or other parties are important, so we can have the right choice according to the wigs about ourself. Now let me see customer’s photos, share their beautiful photos.



With so many different types of wigs to choose from, selecting the right one can be a big challenge for women. As with most women what they love hair! The same as me, since I was a little girl,and I dreamed of having a full head of gorgeous sexy hair. Now as with many things in life, some of us are not given quite as much as we would have hoped. Maybe I have always seemed to want. Let me see our store perfect photos.



At first, the beauty of a lace wig is that each hair is individually tied on to the lace cap, included in synthetic lace front wig,extra long curly ,extra long straight wig ,cosplay party wig and so on. Of course, you part your hair on the side, right or left, or pull it straight back, it is just like your own natural hair. Each hair shaft is free to move 360 degrees.

IMG_3722 IMG_3723

Next, for the lace cap, if you will choose coordinate with your own scalp’s  color, is so sheer that it is virtually invisible against your head. you can feel comfortable knowing that it will not be detectable.  Also, having baby hair added all around the perimeter of the lace cap will not only add to the natural look but will also conceal the edge of the lace cap.

IMG_2454 IMG_2446

Then, natural-looking and durable,  perfect lace wig are also a top choice for women versatility.  Lace full or front wigs offer a much wider selection, letting you order a wig that’s fully customized to your needs is also important. Because they look so natural, that even from a few inches away, it seems that the hair is growing out of one’s own scalp.


Finally, for the wig’s color, length and style, lace wigs can also have varying hair density and support many different hair types. This ranges from synthetic materials to high-quality human hair. This is yet another way that full lace wigs provide a truly discreet way to wear a wig, since you can customize your wig to match your natural hair’s texture and thickness.


It is a always possible, after you receive your new full lace wig to have a hair stylist cut or trim the hair so that it frames your face better, if you prefer.  Or, do like I do, have several synthetic lace wig in different styles so you can swap them out, depending on your mood.

If you love hair and want to save money and get amazing more wigs then you are at the blog!

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