How to Measure Your Head?

1. Cap Size: Cap size means the circumference of the cap. To measure your head’s circumference, take a measuring tape and start from the middle of your forehead. Go behind the ear to the nape of your neck, and then back again behind the other ear until you reach your forehead again. Make sure that you follow the hairline all the way round. An adjustable inner stretch-cap perfects the fit.
2. Front to Back: To measure the distance from front to back, you can measure from the middle of your front hairline. Go back over the top of your head, following the middle of your head until you reach the end of your hairline at the nape of your neck.

3. Side to side across forehead: To measure the distance side to side across forehead, you can place the tape just above one of your ears where the hair begins. Go across your fore head follow your hair line to the other ear.

4. Side to side over top: To measure from side to side over top, place the tape measure just above one of your ears where the hair begins. Go over the top of your head to the other ear.
5. Temple to Temple across back: To measure from temple to temple across back, you can place the measuring tape against your head at the front edge of the hairline. That’s the side burn area in front of your ear. Go around the back of your head in a straight line over the occipital bone, to the opposite side. Make sure the measuring tape ends up on the edge of your hairline on the right side.
6. Nape of Neck: To measure your nape of neck ,you can place tape at the left side of the end of your hairline at the nape, go across the width of the hair to the right side.

How do I measure your hair length?

Pls noted that for all our wig lengthes are measured when hair be stretched out no matter what texture it is ,and for human hair lace wigs normally we say the hair length is each strand of hair not from top to tip